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Welcome to our next guide, The Thyroid guide. Yay! This guide has recently been updated in November 2023, so all information and supporting documents are up to date and will be revisited again soon. 

I work with many many women with underlying health issues and Thyroid issues keep popping up. But do you know what pops up even more?…Women unfortunately not receiving the care and answers they deserve from their health care team. This is more common than not and what comes of this? Nothing! Women suffering in silence, feeling confused, lost, alone and overall peeved that they can’t get a straight answer. Plus not knowing what questions to ask to get the answers they so desire.

Most undiagnosed conditions are due to hypothyroidism. Dr Broda Barnes.

There is only so much of me to go around to guide someone in person, so I decided to create another guide (along with The Brain guide and Immune booster guide). After the huge success of The HETA guide and The HETA masters guide, this was easy. All I had to do was create something that answers the questions I get asked on a weekly basis regarding Thyroid health. And compile a lot of the content I have already put out – like the videos below.

Some people call it the invisible illness – if you could only see what’s happening on the inside though. It can not be seen but it can be felt. For me it was itching skin and rashes, fatigue, hair loss and a struggle to lose weight. Along with the wonderful gallbladder pain. I just didn’t feel like myself. I had seen it in many of my clients but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed myself that I decided to dive deeper into thyroid health.

What causes thyroid dysfunction or hypothyroidism? What tests should I ask for? What should I avoid to help minimize my symptoms? What diet or nutrition practices should I follow? Are there supplements that can help me? And will this be with me forever? These were MY questions – these are YOUR questions too!

Some of the symptoms of low thyroid or hypothyroidism;

  • Fatigue
  • Low motivation and malaise
  • Mental health issues including anxiety and depression
  • Brain fog and issues with cognitive performance
  • High Cholesterol
  • Gallbladder and liver issues
  • Weight issues
  • Constipation and other digestive issues
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin and other skin issues
  • Chronic recurring illness and infections
  • Hormone imbalance/feeling like your hormones are off


The Thyroid guide will be focused mainly on low thyroid function or hypothyroidism, as in my opinion this effects 70-80% of the population. The week by week structure will go as follows;

  • WEEK 1 – What is the Thyroid, what does it do and how can you tell if you have a Thyroid issue? Overview of Thyroid hormones and production. Thyroid testing.

  • WEEK 2 – How to start addressing your Thyroid disease with nutrition and supplements. What do we need for optimal Thyroid function? What exercise is best for my Thyroid health?

  • WEEK 3 – Important organs, functions and recognition’s that need to be taken care of for good thyroid health…including the gut, liver, circulation, adrenals, stress and self care.

  • WEEK 4 – getting better and continuing to care for your Thyroid, now and in the future. *Bonus* Thyroid and fat loss including my favorite supplements.


So if you’re struggling with symptoms, have been newly diagnosed or have a friend who is newly diagnosed, please check back to this page as I will be updating with information over time. Like this Thyroid masterclass that I hosted recently, which is jam packed with helpful information.



Here are some podcast episodes I did on thyroid health too. Hopefully it gets you started in the right direction with your Thyroid care.



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