Testing available now

We all could use a little help as we evolve and improve. And “testing” is a part of that. Testing for abnormalities, ratio imbalances, deficiencies, inflammation, thyroid levels etc. can all be very helpful on your journey of optimizing your health and body, and understanding. And when these numbers or your results are interpreted accurately by your health support team, you can then develop a plan that can be more individual and effective to your bodies needs.

Testing is not everything but when combined with your symptoms and physical biomarkers, it can be a great aid for many.

With that said Chemaine’s model health is happy to team up with Vena mobile health. A local Airdrie business owned and operated by my good friend Rebecca, to meet your blood draw and testing needs. Vena also offers IV therapy or Intravenous therapy right in your home, safely and effectively, to deliver custom blends of vitamins, minerals and hydrating fluids directly into the blood stream, allowing for rapid and effective absorption. Please email for bookings and details.

I am also excited to offer Hair Mineral Analysis Testing in the coming months. I believe this will be of great benefit to my clients, students and followers. To learn more this non invasive easy to perform test and its benefits… check out this recent podcast episode I recorded on Hair Mineral Analysis Testing. ⇓



Note; Interpretation of all tests and a plan of action will be offered by Chemaine’s Model Health, should the client wish to do so, at a separate cost to Vena Mobile Healths collection fee of $45.00