The HETA guideTM


The HETA guideTM is my baby, my new online guide designed to TEACH you how to achieve your long term fat loss and health goals. HETA is an acronym for Heal Educate Train Achieve — that’s exactly what it does. Module 1 launched November 7th 2016 with the final BONUS module released on December 5th 2016 — just in time for the Christmas parties. The results were incredible (and still are) – with members losing 10 lbs plus each ( collectively as a group they lost over 100 lbs in 5 weeks)! Along with reduced bloating, improved skin, sleep, energy, mood, off medications and more! Coming into 2019, the group has almost lost 1500 lbs collectively and counting!


I have seen TOO many people fail from poor meal plans or programs with not enough or zero education given. Enough is enough! We live in a time of knowledge and now is the best time to learn. I truly believe that if someone understands why they are making a choice and how it impacts their body, they WILL be more equipped for success!


Knowledge is not power, knowledge APPLIED is power!

How did the guide come about?
Well I watched how my BETA program ran in June 2016 and where its members struggled. Through that I was able to lay the foundations of The HETA guideTM and upgrade the modules, which I continue to do as I see new information is needed, without over complicating them. I listened to my clients, friends and families needs, questions and struggles.  I then combined my results driven training techniques, craft of sculpting the body, deep knowledge of nutrition, passion for a pain free strong life and natural living into this guide. It is simple, scientifically backed, natural and effective!


I was going to delete this 1st video that was uploaded in 2016 but I got sentimental and decided to keep it but should you need more convincing on why you need to join the guide then check out the updated YouTube video link below it xo


I am actually really really excited about The HETA guideTM! I believe it is the beginning of how people will begin to look at their health in the future. With this guide not only do we get you HEALTHY but you can lose up to 20 lbs in the first 5 weeks (some will lose more) and feel amazing inside and out (that’s the part I love, hearing my clients say they feel good about themselves again)! That may not sound like a lot but most lose more and I teach how to monitor biomarkers and understand your body and what it likes, this leads to long term success.


In The HETA guideTM you will receive;
  • All my the information I gave the first HETA guideTM groups, that enabled the group to lose 100+ pounds of body fat, reduce bloating, swelling, lack of energy, mood swings, minimize health issues and sleepless nights in 28 days!
  • Daily contact and support from me via text, email, messenger or whatever you prefer – you know that all important accountability!
  • Access to a new Module and its summary module of the guide every week for 5 weeks –  these will contain tools, tasks, education, direction, videos, some of my best hacks and more.
  • Module 1 contents –
    1. Eating style of the week – learn our basic eating style
    2. Tracking
    3. Refeeding
    4. Carbs and sugars
    5. Dense nutrition
    6. SIRTfoods (my FAVORITE!)
    7. Liver health and support
    8. Movement and exercise
    9. Memory to keep you focused
    10. Mindset
    11. Measurements and markers
    Module 2 contents –
    1. Eating style of the week – set meal plan
    2. Learning Lectins
    3. Sweet potato super carb
    4. Sleep
    5. Micro nutrients
    6. Supplements
    7. Protein – with alternatives for Vegans and Vegetarians*
    8. Portion sizes
    9. Glycemic load and Glycemic index
    10. Alcohol – yes it can be healthy!
    11. Moving more
    Module 3 contents –
    1. Eating style of the week – we get more in depth on super foods and super herbs.
    2. Cyclical Nutritional Ketogenic
    3. IFYM and macros
    4. Carbohydrates continued
    5. Inflammation – JUST UPGRADED!
    6. Gut health – JUST UPGRADED!
    7. FODMAP
    8. Stress
    9. The FLOW state
    10. Yoga video provided by Meagan Saum Resilience coach and yoga instructor.
    Module 4 contents –
    1. Eating style of the week – what happens when you skip a meal?
    2. Why diets work and how you should approach them
    3. Understanding a sluggish Thyroid
    4. Gluten free
    5. Organic and conventional foods
    6. Vitamin D
    7. Immune system and support – JUST UPGRADED!
    8. Strength training
    9. Pilates
    BONUS module –
    1. Congratulations!!!
    2. Final eating style of the week
    3. Super supplements
    4. How to eat to win!
    5. How much food to eat
    6. The secret to a happy belly (gut)
    7. Insulin resistance in depth – COMING SOON!
    8. How to make real raw chocolate at home video that signals your Sirtuin genes including your skinny genes!

In The HETA guide forum (our private Facebook group) you will also get;

  • 24/7 support and accountability
  • Learn further about flower essences, herbal remedies and supplemental support, anxiety, sleep, different types of fasting, super hydration, specific food qualities, nutritional deficiencies, modbiotics, super foods and herbs, how to optimize fat burning, access to many recipes, long term success, how to manage holidays and vacations, and lots more!
  • Secret videos that ONLY YOU can access, on different exercises focusing on long term results –  mobility, strength, my favorite home exercises for a strong core and how to make sure you move through your daily life with ease, plus much more.
  • 1 full Pilates class on video that you can practice as much as you like – SECOND CLASS COMING SOON!
  • Tips for healing injuries or ailments
  • Articles and podcasts published by me on topics such fat loss myths, sleep, specific food, water, hormones and more

But that’s not all! You also get —>

  • Summaries to each module
  • FREE access to The Habit Rollover Guide
  • 50% DISCOUNT off The 3 Day Cleanse
  • Discounts on my other guides and events.
  • ALL my videos, cookbooks, lists, tables, info graphs and spreadsheets for FREE in PDF, PNG and info graph  form — we have HEAPS of resources for you! Including a 21 day ‘health first’ meal plan, an eating plan, autoimmune foods list and trackers for every occasion.
  • Field trips, get together’s and live events to give you extra support– if time permits and you’re local to Airdrie of course*
  • Regular competitions to push your motivation
  • Discounts with local small businesses
  • Plus so much more……we promise you won’t be disappointed! xo


** Round 16 start date will be April 20th 2020, with module 1 being released on April 17th… be sure to secure your spot as each round sells out fast! 


We have capped this next group at 6 spots to ensure high quality and support are delivered. As of April 13th 2020 we are SOLD OUT . For more information on future rounds or if you have a question, please email



Trust me – if you’re looking for expert advice, have tried ‘everything’ and are TOTALLY READY TO LEARN, then The HETA guideTM is for you! Check out our many testimonials and success stories on Facebook and our success stories tab .
Show up for yourself and we guarantee results!


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