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The HETA guideTM was my baby, my original online guide designed to TEACH you how to achieve your long term health and fat loss/body goals. It was an amazing success and I am very grateful. We had 17 rounds sell out, starting from 2016, and saw mountains of success from each student member but… it’s time for a change. It is time for the the HETA guide to evolve. Its time for new! So, I have been worked hard building a new platform and more user friendly interface with my friends at, we brought our NEW HETA Guide masters to life in January 2021.
I am very proud of all my guides and the success they boast speaks for their efficacy and effectiveness. The masters guide is so much more then nutrition! You won’t be disappointed.
HETA is an acronym for Heal Educate Train Achieve — that’s exactly what it does.
But as I said its time for the HETA guide to grow. So this new guide, the HETA masters, was born based on the experiences, questions, struggles, and successes I have seen in all my clients and followers over the last few years. By watching all my student interactions and comments over the last few years, I have been able to narrow down what people actually need to learn, want to learn, what actually works, what actually is sustainable and how to fine tune the path of educating people on understanding their body, health issues and future health.
This new guide has been built around the idea of the original HETA guide but now has more simplified sections that follow this trend for health aspects like poor gut health, insomnia and sleep quality, menstrual and pms issues, stress and the adrenals, poor breathing practices and more;
  • What is it?
  • What are the concerns?
  • Symptoms
  • What do we do to address the issue?
Like the original HETA guide, we learn several “eating styles”, but that has changed too – with some eating styles that I feel are not sustainable for my followers “long term”, being removed and some new eating styles added. I teach eating styles because each body is so individual, and what works for you, may not work for your neighbor. Practicing different eating styles allows us the luxury of planned trial and error to be performed over the 5 weeks of content release, so by the 6th week, we generally have a good idea of what our body does and doesn’t like. And a strong foundation to move forward with our health goals on.


We live in a time of knowledge and change, and now is the best time to learn. Learn to take care of yourself and your loved ones on a health level. I truly believe that if someone understands why they are  doing something, making a choice and how it impacts their body, they WILL be more equipped to make better health choices long term, with a lot more consistency too. Leading to success. ♥


Knowledge is not power, knowledge APPLIED is power!

Along with the above aforementioned, the NEW HETA Guide masters will also see the introduction of a new exercise, recipes and Q&A tab. We will have our summary module released at the start of the module, instead of the end. There will be a several sections looking at female hormone issues specifically. A weekly Q&A in our Facebook forum for the first 6 weeks at 6 pm mtn time on Wednesdays. And;


  1. Access to the information I gave in the original HETA guideTM , that enabled individuals to lose many pounds of body fat, reduce bloating, swelling, lack of energy, mood swings, minimize health issues and sleepless nights in 28 days! (in the first 5 weeks it is common to see a 10-20 lb loss.)
  2. Daily contact and support from me via text, email, messenger or whatever you prefer – you know that all important accountability that many people need for success.
  3. Access to a new Module and its summary module on Friday mornings over 7 weeks (see below) –  these will contain tools, tasks, education, direction, videos, links to studies and citations, some of my best hacks and more. And lifetime access to the guide itself once all modules have been released.
  4. The modules also contain “helpful resources” which include recipe PDFs, meal plans, and more. All are yours to save and download.
WEEK 1 Module 1 contents – theme is NUTRITION AND FAT LOSS
  1. Eating style of the week and fasting
  2. Tracking, measuring and biomarkers
  3. Refeeding (including do’s and don’ts)
  4. Carbohydrates, Starches and Sugars
  5. Dense nutrition
  6. SIRTfoods
  7. Calorie harvesting
  8. Chewing and eating speed
  9. Addressing toxic overload
  10. The Liver
WEEK 2 Module 2 contents – theme is SLEEP and HORMONES
  1. Eating style of the week
  2. Understanding Lectins
  3. Understanding protein – with alternatives for Vegans and Vegetarians*
  4. Basic supplements
  5. Sleep and health
  6. Poor sleep quality and insomnia
  7. Breathing for health and fat loss
  8. Female hormones pt 1
  9. Female hormones pt 2 (inc fat loss hormones masterclass video)
  10. Female hormones pt 3 hormone levels (a focus on progesterone and cortisol)
WEEK 4 Module 3 contents – theme is DIGESTION 
  1. Eating style of the week
  2. IIFYM and macros
  3. 2 day core plan
  4. Daisy cutter
  5. Gut health
  6. Inflammation
  8. Elemental diet
  9. The gallbladder, bile and cholesterol (including Gallbladder masterclass video)
WEEK 5 Module 4 contents – theme is HEALTH SUPPORT
  1. Eating style of the week
  2. Why diets work and why diets fail!
  3. Hydration
  4. Thyroid (pairs with the Thyroid guide)
  5. Gluten and hormesis
  6. Organic V’s Conventional foods
  7. Immune system – including addressing infections (pairs with the Immune booster guide)
  8. Stress and anxiety
  9. Understanding adrenal issues
  10. Adaptogens for adrenal support *coming soon
WEEK 7 Module 5 contents – theme is SUSTAINABILITY and TOOLS
  1. Eating style of the week
  2. Holidays and getting back on track
  3. Super supplements – including Cancer recommendations
  4. How to eat to win and food sequencing
  5. How much food to eat and portion sizes
  6. Craving and the science behind them
  7. Principles for long term success
  8. How to make 100% raw dark chocolate at home


  1. Maintaining your weight including diet breaks, reverse dieting and flexible dieting
  2. Recovery dieting and diet sprints*coming soon
  3. Higher carb
  4. The Ancestral diet
  5. Hormesis
  6. Autoimmune disease
  7. Cancer and my Cancer experience*


There are 2 “study” weeks between module 2 and 3, and module 4 and 5. This allows you to catch your breath and fine tune what you have learned in the previous weeks.

In the “forum” (our private Facebook group) you will also get;

  • 24/7 support and accountability.
  • daily themes and learnings in the forum, including weekend check ins.
  • advice and support from current and experienced members.
  • live group calls on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm mtn, for the first 6 weeks, where you can ask questions and get further accountability (videos will also be available for replay if you can not make it on live).
  • Learn further about flower essences, herbal remedies and supplemental support, anxiety, sleep, different types of fasting, super hydration, specific food qualities, nutritional deficiencies, modbiotics, super foods and herbs, hacks to optimize fat burning, access to many more recipes, how to manage holidays and vacations, and lots more!
  • Secret videos on common questions, concerns and different exercises focusing on long term results –  mobility, strength, my favorite home exercises for a strong core, exercise routines, and how to make sure you move through your daily life with ease… plus much more.
  • 1 full Pilates class on video that you can practice as much as you like – SECOND CLASS COMING SOON!
  • Tips for healing injuries or ailments fast!
  • Giveaways and challenges for added motivation.
  • HETA ‘ADD ON’ articles including intuitive eating, alcohol and self care. Plus podcasts published by me on topics such fat loss myths, sleep, specific food, water, hormones and more.

But that’s not all! You also get —>

  • Access to the Brain guide, the Thyroid guide and the Immune booster guide! (and any associated groups).
  • Access to the Muscles, mobility and more exercise group.
  • Access to The Habit Rollover Guide.
  • Access to The 3 Day Cleanse (this cleanse is amazing and so popular!).
  • ALL my current and future videos, cookbooks, lists, tables, info graphs and spreadsheets for FREE in PDF, PNG and info graph  form — we have HEAPS of resources for you! Including a 21 day ‘health first’ meal plan and several other meal plans, an eating plan, autoimmune foods list and trackers for every occasion.
  • Discounts with local small businesses inc – Treats by Carla, Vena mobile health, and On Tap Oil and vinegar (Airdrie & Okotoks). Also 15% off a Supplement King.
  • Plus so much more… I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Again, this is a completely new guide, with a new platform and interface, designed to make it easier for you to become a master of your own health directly from your phone (and laptop if you choose). Watch below to find out more on what this new guide includes, where the idea came from and my goals for you (and me), with it.

Here is a sample of one of our most recent group calls. This call will give you an idea of how I teach, the detail at which you will learn and how we roll as a group. Regardless if you join us or not, this video will provide you great insight to many areas of health. Enjoy!




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