Specialist Conversations

Over the last few months I have had the amazing opportunity and pleasure to speak with several doctors, experts, specialists, and experienced people in the health realm. Topics ranging from hormones, EMF, amazing sex, energies and astrology, scalar energy, human growth hormone, detoxification, and the amazing benefits of colostrum. To emotional and binge eating, acquiring resiliency, working through trauma, Ayurveda medicine, why we stop showing up for ourselves, genetics for fat and fat loss, and lots more! *In bold are some of my favorites – I highly recommend!

I am happy to share these conversations and interviews with you, and hope you benefit from them as much as my clients and I have. You can find all conversations, along with my other content, on my YouTube channel “Chemaine’s Model Health” and on your favorite podcast players by searching “Find your model health”. But for ease of access, links will be posted below, from most recent to past interviews.

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