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Molecular hydrogen and why I am its biggest fan!

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Lets look at ‘Molecular hydrogen’ or as I like to call it “the angel molecule”… because this little molecule is so powerful, yet gentle at the same time… it must have been created by angels or some higher power. ūüėČ

I started using molecular hydrogen in early January 2020 after I got an abnormal PAP diagnoses, where my doctor and gynecologist expressed concerns that my cells were high risk pre-cancerous cells and there was a high chance I would need a biopsy and LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure). Of course being a mom of two and a young woman with my whole life ahead of me, I panicked and quickly delved into all the science and studies I could find relating to abnormal cells.

I am the first to admit that I am obsessed with my health, my family say “over the top” and I agree I can be a bit anal. But in my defense it is very important to me to be my best and strongest, so I can live my best life and be my best for my loved ones and people around me. Anyways, my doctor and gynecologist both said things that stood out to me and I grasped onto them as my lifeline, and as the driving force for me to reverse my diagnosis. My doctor said “your cells are very inflamed” and the gynecologist said “in rare cases we have seen a women’s immune system to be strong enough to flush out cancerous cells”… that was all I needed! I heard inflammation and that there was a chance!¬†

I was like, “hold on, I am a biohacker and I know lots about inflammatory cells and how to hack them, and… I know how to boost my immune system and induce autophagy to help flush out damages cells!” So off I went, I had a mission and I was damned if I was going to let something like this beat me!

I have spoken about inflammation lots with my clients and followers. And I am well aware that I train very hard, and that combined with my strong work ethic, supporting hundreds of clients and trying to raise two growing boys has effected me on a cellular level and caused me to feel extreme inflammation (and exhaustion at times). For months I had not been sleeping well, my hands and face would get very warm and swollen, my blood pressure increased, my throat would swell up so much that I could feel my esophagus¬† and chest getting tight, I constantly had headaches, irritability and just wasn’t myself. I was so inflamed that some evenings I couldn’t even look at my phone or think straight… So I guess that’s those inflamed cells the doctor was talking about eh?!


Roll in molecular hydrogen;

Among the many things I implemented, molecular hydrogen is the one thing I believe had the biggest impact! I had heard of molecular hydrogen many times over the past 2 years and came across it again when doing my research on deuterium water.

So I started looking more at studies coming out of Japan and from Dr. Ohta and Tyler Lebaron. I also looked at work by Robert Slovak and Alex Tarnava. Who are all well renowned for their work around water and hydrogen. Needless to say, what I uncovered blew my mind!

So what is molecular hydrogen?

Well Hydrogen as we see it on the periodic table of elements is expressed as ‘H1’ and is the smallest lightest atom in the universe, as well as the most abundant. The Molecular Hydrogen, commonly written as¬† ‘H2′, is a¬†molecule¬†formed by two¬†hydrogen¬†atoms that share their electrons. It is also incredibly small which is where it’s magic comes from! Because it is so small it can penetrate into every tissue and cell in the body with ease. Hydrogen is inert (meaning it is stable and unreactive), very safe and is able to penetrate right through the membranes of our cells, which most other substances can not do.¬†Molecular hydrogen is hydrogen it its gaseous form.¬†

There is an abundance of studies on hydrogen and its benefits on mitochondrial health, cellular health and overall health. Hydrogen functions on the regulation of gene expression. Its most potent effects can be seen on inflammation and energy production.

One area of study is hydrogen’s effect on ‘oxidative stress’, this is where stress damages cells and DNA due to¬†an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body (caused by acute and chronic stress, toxins, excess sugar and trans fats). An abundance of oxidative stress is where we see chronic inflammation, poor blood flow and disease occur. When we look at hydrogen we see it is a very strong anti oxidant¬†that when consumed, immediately starts to work on supporting the mitochondria and bringing down inflammation by distributing throughout the body withing 10 minutes and staying there for up to 24 hours.

Hydrogen has a direct connection to the regulation of autophagy too. Which is¬†the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier, stronger cells. Which is one of the ways hydrogen has been shown to help with Alzheimer disease and dementia.¬†

Hydrogen rich water or HRW has been shown to improve mitochondria function and energize the cells/body, improve blood flow and circulation, and improve skin tone, moisture and health, so much so that hydrogen beauty bathing and hydrogen beauty spas are very popular in Japan.  Molecular hydrogen has also been shown to improve hormonal function and psychological stress in mice and in humans!

This study out of Europe published in April 2019 shows how hydrogen rich water was effective at reducing NAFD or non alcoholic fatty liver disease. And this one out of Harvard Medical school and Bostons Vhildrens Hospital in 2019 showed “Inhaled hydrogen could protect the brain during heart-lung bypass” in newborns!¬†


This conclusion from a study published in 2016 “Molecular Hydrogen Therapy Ameliorates Organ Damage Induced by Sepsis” , I hope, would¬†be the convincing factor on if one should try molecular hydrogen or now….

Molecular hydrogen therapy has a protective effect on sepsis, which has been proved by pathological biopsy, level of inflammatory factors/anti-inflammatory factors, oxidative stress reaction, behavioral experiment, and other related indicators of organ function. Although there is a dispute of affections of molecular hydrogen therapy in liver and kidney, the mainstream view shows molecular hydrogen therapy is benefit to organs, such as brain, lung, liver, kidney, and small intestine.


It is believed that hydrogen will be the next area of Nobel Prize winning in the future.

I could go on and on with the study references for the efficacy and benefits of molecular hydrogen or hydrogen rich water (HRW) but back to my own story… On February 11th 2020 I attended a Calgary women’s clinic to have a ‘colposcopy’ and ‘biopsy’ performed, this was 3-4 weeks after I started HRW and other health supporting protocols on hopes to rid my body of these so called “pre-cancerous cells”. I did a meet and greet with a clinic nurse for about 40 minutes who, just like my doctor and gynecologist, told me to expect the worst and that from my PAP my cells looked very high risk and I was likely going to need a LEEP.

So I go in to the doctor, she proceeds with the colposcopy and a takes a cell sample from higher in my cervix… pushes her chair back and says “that’s it, I am not doing any more, there is nothing here, your cervix looks perfect”. I asked her twice “so your saying my cervical cells had zero reaction to the acid mix?”… she said yes and that I was good to go, nothing to worry about. And that she would let me know when the cell sample came back … she said the reason she took a cell sample from higher in my cervix was to see where these abnormal cells came from on my PAP.

Now… I’m not saying molecular hydrogen ‘cured’ me but I am saying I haven’t felt this good since before I started drinking HRW and my inflammation is non existent, literally no symptoms or energy crashes since my first glass of HRW! I do feel it played a part in my healing protocol and I will continue with it for the foreseeable future. I really hope if you decide to try molecular hydrogen that you reap the benefits I do!

I currently also have some clients taking molecular hydrogen for Cancer support, fatty liver, inflammation, gut health and overall cellular health…the feedback has been v3ery positive so far. We have even seen massive increases in energy and fat loss.

If you watch the science and medical health space, you will see hydrogen as a medical tool is getting more popular by the day, again that’s because of its safety and effectiveness.

There are two types of molecular hydrogen I use and have had my results with… one is made by¬† Robert Slovak with Water and Wellness which I get here, I have ordered off their website but unfortunately the exchange rate and import fees for Canada are very high! And the other is made by Alex Tarnava and Dr. Richard Holland at Drink HRW and I get it here. Both are very effective and I advise you try both brands and monitor which you feel the benefits from most, then stick with that one.

For optimal results, you would  drink hydrogen rich water 2 Р3 times a day, and you do this by adding 1 tablet to 250 ml of clean room temperature water. As soon as the tablet is dissolved, you want to drink the whole glass as quick as possible, so as to not lose too much hydrogen into the atmosphere. Check out this video for exact instructions!

*Side note; it is advisable to ‘cycle’ molecular hydrogen and the healthier you are, the less you will feel a difference but that doesn’t mean it is not working or benefiting you!


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What is deuterium depleted or ‘light’ water?

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It is unlikely you have heard of ‘deuterium depleted water’ unless you are submerged in the world of biohacking and science (or have heard me discuss it), but its a topic that has been getting a lot of attention over the last few years and seems to be picking up momentum in the world of health. There are hundred of studies on the benefits of deuterium depleted water! But lets first take a look at what it is.

What is deuterium depleted water?

So most of us in school learned that water is made of the molecular formula H2O right? So, this means each molecule of water contains two hydrogen’s attached to one oxygen. Hydrogen is essential¬†for energy production in humans. The most common form of hydrogen in the body is water. Our bodies are 60-70% water so it‚Äôs easy to see why hydrogen is important for human life right?!

At the cellular level hydrogen plays a vital role in mitochondria function. Mitochondria are the little energy powerhouses or batteries in the cells of our body. They ultimately facilitate energy production. Within the mitochondria there is a spinning head that rotates very fast, the rotation speed of this spinning head determines how well you create energy. The spinning head also creates a magnetic field which is important for drawing oxygen into the mitochondria (I don’t need to explain why oxygen is important do I?). The faster the spinning head rotates the more energy you make and the healthier you will be. But the slower the spinning head rotates the less energy you will make and this leaves you more susceptible to chronic mismatch diseases and faster aging… and this is where deuterium comes in.

Many people don’t know but hydrogen comes in two different forms or ‘flavors’ – regular hydrogen, which is actually called ‘protium’, and ‘deuterium’ (there is a third but we won’t get into that now). Deuterium has all the same properties as regular hydrogen except its twice as big and twice as heavy (it has a extra neutron). Because of this, deuterium is often referred to as “heavy hydrogen” and it behaves quiet differently in our bodies than regular hydrogen does. Think of deuterium as normal hydrogen’s overweight dysfunctional cousin who likes to come in and mess s**t up.


Firstly, deuterium is not all bad… In nature, deuterium helps things grow. It is found in¬†Earth’s oceans and other water sources. Water containing deuterium is called “heavy water” because of that extra neutron.¬† It is widely used in prototype fusion reactors and has application¬†in military, industrial and scientific fields. In nuclear fusion reactors, it is used as a tracer and it is responsible to slow down neutrons in heavy water moderated fission reactors. D2O as some call it, is also found in high amounts in vaccines, carbohydrates and processed food (its added as a preservative).

Deuterium is great and necessary for growing babies, kids, teenagers, and developing plants and animals but… once you stop growing though, deuterium is no longer your friend. Having too much deuterium in your body can result in mitochondrial dysfunction, and lead to accelerated aging, metabolic problems and disease.

How is deuterium a problem for health?

When our cells and mitochondria come into contact with deuterium, this is where we start to see problems arise. And because of how modern life is now a days with constant exposure to pollution, toxins, processed foods, unclean water, stress and sleep issues… many people have way too much deuterium in their cells. This results in an inability to effectively deplete and displace deuterium from our bodies and the degradation of our mitochondria.

So deuterium enters the body and passes into the mitochondria. From there it shuttles to the top of that spinning head mentioned above, ready to assist in energy production and create a magnetic field.

The spinning head is specifically designed by nature to accept hydrogen in its standard form. That is one proton and one electron. But deuterium contains a neutron and the spinning head is not equipped to deal with this neutron or wide enough for it to pass through the spinning head easily. When we have deuterium in the body it cannot pass through the spinning head and gums up the system. Which in turn slows down the rotation thus reduces energy production and magnetic field strength (less oxygen getting into the cells now).

So we get less oxygen is pulled in from the blood, energy levels drop and your redox potential decreases. A lowering of your redox potential (electron transfer ability) means a huge increase in your risks of chronic diseases.

As you can see, a cascade of mitochondrial and cellular damage starts, as deuterium builds up more and more. The more our mitochondria and cells are malfunctioning, the less energy we have and the more fatigue, inflammation, illness and disease we have.

In summary, too much deuterium;


So what do we do about this?

“How do I lower deuterium in my body?” … this question has been driving an obsession within me for the last two weeks, causing me to delve into as much research as I can about deuterium (and molecular hydrogen, but that’s for another blog post). And this is what I have found;

To lower deuterium in the body;

  • Drink deuterium depleted water…except it can be very expensive from brands like¬†Qlarivia, Mito Water and Preventa which have D levels of¬† between 19 and 25ppm, and are the lowest available on the planet right now. Ordinary or tap water has about 156ppm or more. But because this water is so expensive at about $27 CAD per liter, this is not viable for most of the general population. So we look then towards more affordable clean waters that have been tested to have lower levels of deuterium like – Evian, San Pelligrino, Acqua Panna, Voss, Gerolsteiner, Icelandic, or if you can get your water from the ‘Rocky mountains’ (like the taps in Banff) you are onto gold! And of course glass bottles are always preferred! These waters have between 145 and 149ppm.
  • Eat foods that have been shown to be lower in deuterium like – organic green plants, organic nuts, grass fed animal meats, wild caught fish and sea food, fats from organic plants and animals, organic cacao and cacao butter, and chilies.
  • Replace cane sugar with stevia and other natural artificial sweeteners. These come
    from the green leaf of the stevia plant and is not only sweet, but it is also
    deuterium depleted!
  • Sleep! The body naturally depletes deuterium during sleep so making sure you are getting good quality sleep is essential (as if you didn’t know already).
  • Get lots of sun and red light exposure because the frequency from these resonates or communicates with normal hydrogen, helping it flow into the cells and mitochondria more easily by reducing viscosity (thickness, stickiness). Deuterium in water increases viscosity of water, so its critical we decrease this viscosity level to improve mitochondrial function.
  • Have low carb or fasting days — this allows your body to tap into its own fat stores and create its own metabolic water. * The body makes 1.1 kg of deuterium
    depleted, metabolic water for every 1 kg of fat consumed ‚Äď our early ancestors likely derived most of their water from fat. Many, if not most, animals still do that today – like Camels who get water from the fat in their humps.¬†
  • Avoid;¬†Consuming grain-fed animals, older animals, farm raised fish, carbohydrate heavy meals or processed foods, as they all contain high levels of deuterium.¬†
  • Don’t; drink excessive amounts of tap water, since most sources of the water you drink today from rivers, reservoirs, and streams is likely to be high in deuterium ‚Äď this includes the great majority of commercially bottled drinking waters aside from the ones listed above.


To wrap this up –¬† if you are interested in lowering deuterium levels in your body, like I am, then be aware of your water consumption and its sources, the types of food you are eating and how much time you are getting out in nature and in sleep. By being conscious of your choices you should be able to get D levels down and support your health even further than you were already doing.

Chemaine ūüôā