Is sugar addiction real? Or is it just low dopamine?

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Is sugar addiction real? Or is it just low dopamine?

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Is Sugar Addiction Real? Is addiction real? I know this is going to stir up a lot of emotions in people but I also know that this question needs to be asked, so lets go. Stick with me to til the end. 😉

Firstly most people who talk about addiction don’t even know what addiction is. There was a famous study called “the rat park experiment” that was actually done here in Canada. The researcher that conducted this, basically didn’t believe that addicts were sick people, or that they were genetically flawed. Or that if you give them a little bit of morphine and they become addicts for life. So he created this study where he took these rats and separated them into 2 groups. He got them both addicted to morphine. He kept one group in their normal rat cages, which is not particularly nice, but that’s what they are used to. And then the other group, he basically put in an amusement park for rats. It had bright colors, running wheels, didn’t smell of urine, and they were not harassed by sadistic lab assistants poking them with needles. Both groups of rats also had a free source of morphine in their water.

So the rats that were in the cage, they learned to press the lever to release more morphine into their water because they kept wanting it to help them deal with their miserable existence. But the other group of rats in the “amusement park”, who were having a great time, basically voluntary detoxed from their addiction over time. Even though for the first week or so, they experienced pretty painful symptoms including seizures. But they refused to touch the morphine, they didn’t feel they needed it.

So he, Dr Bruce Alexander, came to the conclusion that addiction is a desperate attempt at self medication. Your perceiving that something in your environment is temporarily relieving you of your symptoms, of whatever it is that is bothering you. Even though you know that in the long run, its making things worse. Sound familiar? Read the rest of the conversation here. 

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