The Thyroid Guide

Welcome to our newest guide, The Thyroid guide…….coming 2018. Yay!

I work with many many women with underlying health issues and Thyroid issues keep popping up and do you know what pops up even more?………..Women unfortunately not receiving the care and answers they deserve from their health care practitioners. This is more common than not and what comes of this? Nothing! Women suffering in silence, feeling confused, lost, alone and overall peeved that they can’t get a straight answer. Plus not knowing what question to ask to get these answers they so desire.

There is only so much of me to go around to guide someone in person, so I decided to create another guide. After the huge success of The HETA guide, this was easy. All I had to do was create something that answers the questions I get asked on a weekly basis regarding Thyroid health.

Some people call it the invisible illness – if you could only see what’s happening on the inside though. It can not be seen but it can be felt. For me it was itching skin and rashes, fatigue, hair loss and a struggle to lose weight. I just didn’t feel like myself. I had seen it in many of my clients but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed myself that I decided to dive deeper into Thyroid health.

What could trigger a Thyroid issue? What tests should I ask for? What should I avoid to help minimize my symptoms? What diet should I follow? Are there supplements that can help me? And will this be with me forever? These were MY questions – these are YOUR questions!

You are always tired and always struggle with your weight. You have tried EVERYTHING and figure its just part of getting old, maybe you hit perimenopause. Nothing works for you, maybe its genetics — you start to accept this as fact! This is, of course, is completely untrue, as many people with Thyroid disease can make a full recovery, reverse their condition and live symptom-free.

Or maybe you were told that thyroid disease is easy to treat and you had nothing to worry about. However, you often feel this is the furthest thing from the truth, as you continued to deal with numerous symptoms and bounce from doctor to doctor only to be told that “it’s all in your head.” Either way — With medication or without – there are ways to ease your struggle.

If you’ve been following me, you probably know I like to look at the science, show me the studies because I like to dive deep —- but also, show me the integrative and holistic side to things. Because they all have a place, they can work synergistically and that is what went into this guide, the best of everything . With the right tools and directions, I hope you find yourself a lot happier with your health and the rewards of having such. And that The Thyroid guide can be part of your toolbox, that helps you find the individual treatment that is right for you, your body and your happiness.


The Thyroid guide will be a two part guide – Part 1 releasing in February 2018 and will focus on Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Part 2 will be released later on in the year (date TBC) and will focus on Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease. Both will be separate 8 week memberships and the week by week structure will go as follows;

  • Week 1 – What is the Thyroid and how can you tell if you have a Thyroid issue?

  • Week 2 – What tests should you ask for and what are the number ranges you should be looking at?

  • Week 3 – How to start addressing your Thyroid disease with nutrition and supplements

  • Week 4 – What exercise is best for my Thyroid health?

  • Week 5 – Biohacking sleep to improve your Thyroid

  • Week 6 – How can Toxins damage my Thyroid and which to avoid?

  • Week 7 – Your mind and your Thyroid

  • Week 8 – Continuing to care for your Thyroid

So if you’re struggling with symptoms, have been newly diagnosed or have a friend who is newly diagnosed, please check back to this page as we will be publishing a sign up link over the next few weeks. In the meantime…..

This podcast series I recorded on Thyroid health in 2017 can hopefully get you started in the right direction with your Thyroid care xo