VIP Model Health package

To invest in a VIP program is to say to the world ‘I AM a very important person, I believe in myself and I am worth it!’. Too often I see women AFRAID to invest in themselves and then spending each day of their life not feeling completely happy!

And let me tell you – if you didn’t already know, you ONLY GET ONE LIFE! So make it the best!

Life is too short to waste it being unhappy or uncomfortable in yourself. Because at the end of my days, I want to look back and say ‘dam girl you were amazing and had an awesome life!’.

I want you to be able to say this too! I have many services and I work with hundreds of women but I understand some people need a little extra hand holding to get them to their goals. Not because they can’t do it themselves but because some aspects of life are out of our control and they can get in our way – these road blocks can come along at anytime and sometimes we just need a little extra strength to break through them, while maintaining our coarse to being our best.

The VIP Model Health package was put together to give that extra support or hand holding. To answer the questions, create physical and mental strength, to address hormones, sleep issues, address pains other health issues, put an end to stupid cravings. support you when you feel weak, push you when you are feeling unmotivated and anything else that may be ‘slowing you down’ or ‘preventing you’ from KILLING IT! You don’t have to suffer —->


You are far to smart to be the only thing standing in your own way! – Jennifer Freeman


This package requires you to work super duper DUPER close with me, no not that close lol, over a 10 weeks term. With a goal to get you to your best health and 20 lbs lighter (don’t be surprised if its more). So what will you get if you invest in the VIP Model Health package?

  • A 60 minutes consultation with me
  • 16 personal training sessions focused on building lean muscle and addressing mobility and pain issues through using stick mobility and The Eldoa method
  • 2 Private nutritional coaching sessions, 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of the 10 weeks to see if any more tweaking needs to be done in your environment – including 4 nutritional coaching emails and whatever extras I feel may benefit you like PDFs and recipe books etc
  • The HETA guide lifetime membership
  • The Habit rollover guide
  • The Brain guide
  • The Thyroid guide
  • The 3 day cleanse

But wait there’s MORE ->

  • Daily access to me with Q&A’s, support, direction, motivation, recipes, podcasts, videos, jokes and a few meme’s
  • I will address your whole environment and teach you some of my best biohacking tools – even the ones I haven’t shared with my nearest and dearest yet 😉
  • Friendship – I won’t only be your teacher, we will become friends. You become part of an awesome community that only wants the best for you. I believe community and communication are so important because so often the social aspect of health gets forgotten.
  • A starter pack including supplements, anti inflammatory, super foods and other goodies


Because this involves one to work so closely with me, at this time this package is only open to women local to Airdrie, Alberta. And there are only 2 spots available every quarter.

Cost for this investment is $2,400 CAD – this includes a $600 deposit and 5 monthly payments of $360. ** Particulars will be discussed at our consultation. Email me if interested at or grab your spot here —>


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Now is your time to be your best self, don’t wait any longer because LIFE IS TOO SHORT!


PS; I promise to bend over backwards to help you succeed over our time together! xo


Much love!

CNT, CPT, Iridologist, HMAC & MHI professional.