Understanding low progesterone

Understanding low progesterone.

Progesterone is the most important hormone in the female body and also not understood by most women. Hopefully this post will help fix that!

Progesterone is one of the female sex hormones, which gets released after ovulation and only if you ovulate. If you don’t ovulate, you will not make progesterone! Women can ovulate and make progesterone but not make enough depending on their personal situation (we will look more at what can interrupt progesterone levels below). I like to explain progesterone to my clients and followers as our most important hormone. It is our sanity and vitality hormone. The hormone that encourages fertility, youthfulness, calmness, motivation, fulfillment and libido (wink wink). Progesterone is involved in so many aspects of being your most healthy and optimal self, yet many women I speak to are unaware of the importance of this essential hormone.

When our progesterone is low we can experience a lot of the symptoms listed here; Signs of low progesterone list. I have no doubt you will relate to many of them, like I do. Sometimes it is not fun being a woman! Hot flashes, low libido, sleep disturbances, weepiness, severe PMS, and menses, the list goes on.

But all is not lost! There is help and under standing what is happening in your body is part of that process. Yes we can use foods and supplements, and progesterone, as I discuss with Dr Michael E. Platt in the video below. But why is your progesterone so low?

Well there are several things that interfere with progesterone – stress is at the top of the list for sure. Stress is the biggest stealer of our hormones. That includes Adrenaline as I discuss with Dr Platt. Then we have the pregnenolone steal (check out the audio below). Stress can also include not sleeping, over training, under eating calories, under eating carbohydrates, hypothyroidism, mitochondria dysfunction, chronic inflammation, aging and peri menopause, birth control, PCOS, infections, alcohol, junk food, trans fats, pretty much anything that causes your stress and survival response to be activated.

So you need to figure out what may be interfering with your progesterone and then you can go about fixing it.

As I said to a client earlier, “Life is stress”, I understand that. We live in very stressful times and ways. And it is easier said then done to reduce stress but we must try. There are many stress management tools. Find one you like. Find your joy!

Here is my Progesterone boosting foods PDF , add them into your day. And if you would like to try Dr Platts bio-identical progesterone, you can find it here at Platt Wellness and use code “chemaines15” for a discount on your purchase. I hope to have another educational video or podcast episode on this topic for you soon, so keep an eye out. And in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at; support@chemainesmodelhealth.com .


Progesterone is the most important hormone because; ⇓


The Pregnenolone Steal AKA The Progesterone steal or The Cortisol steal; ⇓



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