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How cute is our Chemaine’s Model Health little brain mascot? And that headband….lol 🙂

We at Chemaine’s Model Health believe the brain is the most important organ for optimizing health and getting to those long term goals — whether you want to reach a certain weight, address an underlying illness, prevent an illness, optimize your overall health, enhance cognitive performance or just kill it in life – you NEED to start with your brain. Your brain controls and defines who you are and your actions.

Your brain is the most complicated organ in the UNIVERSE! Lets just think about this for a minute…… It weighs about 3 lbs and has approximately 100 billion nerve cells. That’s about the same number of stars in the Milky way – How amazing is that?!


Each nerve cell is connected to other nerve cells by another 40 thousand individual connections. That means you have more connections in your brain then there are stars in the universe! You have all this power at your fingertips – you just need to learn how to take charge and harness it.


With the power of a good, healthy, strong brain…..there is nothing you can’t accomplish!



For every thought you have, a chemical is released into your body— these are neurotransmitters make your body ‘feel’ and respond in a certain way. Good thoughts release negative chemicals, leading us to feel down, sad, angry, anxious and even pessimistic about the future. And if you have been struggling with health or weight issues – you know what happens next. You might find comfort in food, cry and tense your body up, or worse – hurt yourself. But on the other hand, if you have happy thoughts,  you release happy chemicals like Serotonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine. These neurotransmitters help put a pep in your step. They help you make smart choices around food, motivate you to go for that walk instead of watching TV, tell you that you CAN reach your goals and keep your parasympathetic system calm (your rest and digest system).

So it make sense that if you have a good, strong, healthy brain – you can unlock your potential to reach your goals in an easier smarter way. With a bit of biohacking and looking at what the neuroscience is saying about how your environment affects your health – we can help make your dreams come true, help you feel happier, optimize your health and help you focus clearly on the path to your goals.


Your are not stuck with the brain and thoughts you have, you can make them better! – Dr. Daniel Amen


Which is why we are creating ‘The BRAIN guide’. To help you take charge of your brain and thus your life. The Brain guide will help you optimize your brain health through food, supplements, movement, your environmental exposures and some cool biohacks. It will help uplevel your game and support you in becoming successful in whatever your goals may be – health, weight loss, finances, building a business, being happier or just being an all round super person! We are excited to bring this to you —– MARCH 1st 2018 and offer the first 50 signups a 35% discount* – that brings the price to only $97!

*If you would like to receive the discount code please drop us and email with ‘Brain discount code’ in the title.


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In the meantime, while we put the finishing touches to The Brain guide, please check out the podcasts we did on optimizing your brain health and potential xo


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