BELIEVE ME – I know it can be a struggle to think of something ‘healthy’ to prepare your meals or snacks. especially as a mom of 2, I’m always in a rush or have something that needs seeing to. I know you want something that tastes good but is simple and quick to prepare. When you want something sweet, you just want to grab it and munch. You want to entertain and socialize but you don’t want to compromise your progress or results………

And that’s why I created this cookbooks. I created them based on the questions and requests I get most from my family, friends and clients. You say ‘I want something I can prepare in advance that’s satisfying and I can grab as I want it’. 

So I took my tastiest recipes that I prepare regularly for me and my family. I provide these recipes to my clients and in The HETA guide, where they have gotten rave reviews and aid in AMAZING results. These are nutrient dense and add to your healthy lifestyle, not take away. Try the,trust them, enjoy them….. you won’t be disappointed!xo

Priced at $4.95 each ($6.95 for the holidays) — you can download these cookbooks to your phone and have them at your fingertips whenever you need them 🙂

**NEW HOLIDAY COOKBOOK with my favorite Christmas recipes which have been UPGRADED to add to your results and make this season stress free when it comes to your health and weight 😉





















icecream-1Oh my lord IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!! The 14 recipes in this cookbook are classics but now upgraded — casseroles, meatloaf, sausage stuffing and eggnog ice cream!! Oh my lord you will love them all xo