Products we use


We all could use a little help as we evolve and improve. And we definitely want to be using the highest quality products and ingredients from companies of integrity. Because unfortunately the health and food industry is a money game and people may try to sell us something they as is ‘healthy’ when in fact its definitely NOT!

That is where this page comes in — myself and my team use the below products or have at least tried and tested (and screened) them. So that you can get the best quality product to optimize your long term health and weigh goals. We also order a lot from Amazon because it can offer the best prices, its fast, easy to order and to be honest – I like things to be easy 😉 .

No matter what level you’re at, having the right tools in your armory can make your health and fat loss journey that much easier. Actually, to be healthy in our world today, some of these things are essential, and as we speak – more and more people are becoming aware of their benefits.

Most of these I use daily to keep my body, brain, and energy houses functioning at optimum levels. I felt it would be helpful for you to have a place that you could always come back to — because most of my followers have asked what I use or recommend and in turn have purchased said products.

I love that you trust me, my ideas and my passion for biohacking by the way!…….. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to invest hundreds of hours in research and studying to find the best-of-the-best for your health, my families and my own! Better health becoming easier and more readily available through biohacking and the products it promotes [click on the pictures to get brought to product purchases].


Liquid greens allow us to stay on top of our nutrition and super food game, even when we don’t have time to stop and eat a salad or plate full of veggies, a Nu-Greens liquid shot allows you to get enough dense nutrition to help prevent any deficiencies. As your hormones balance and you feel less hungry – you still want to make sure your getting that dense nutrition, just a shot of this is all you need a day.

Spirulina is one of my favorite supplements to add into my day. It is packed full of nutrition and is the highest protein content per weight of all foods at 70%. It is a complete protein with all essential amino acids and is easily assimilated by the body. It was consumed by The Aztecs for its super food qualities and in my opinion – The Aztecs were pretty smart!

Maqui berry, not many people know about this amazing fruit but I love it for up leveling antioxidants. Maqui berry is thought to help with blood glucose management, aid in reducing inflammation and even helps with dry eyes! Who would have thought?! Its a little tart but super delicious. Upgrade your smoothies and yogurts with this super berry.

Alpha brain. Sometimes a mood enhancer is all you need and you know i’m all about the natural. Ill use Alpha brain in the morning if I know I have a challenging day ahead, it keeps me at the top of my game. These natural nootropics give me an unfair advantage you could say….don’t hate the player. You can find out more about Alpha brain here

I’m always looking to elevate my brain and keep my memory recall sharp. I also have a fear of getting some form of brain damage or memory loss as I age, so each morning and evening I will take 60mg of Ginkgo Biloba. Dr Daniel Amen, one of the worlds top experts on the brain say’s – “some of the most beautiful brains I see are from people that supplement with Ginkgo Biloba.”

I am not a daily Bulletproof coffee drinker but once or twice a week I will start my day with one if my day looks demanding or I want to up level my body AND brains performance. So when I do make one it is only with the best ingredients – Bulletproof beans, Bulletproof Brain Octaine and some grass fed Ghee.

I like to bake and cook at home, as do most of my students. A lot of the recipes we use require a high grade protein that is versatile and flavorless, for example our vanilla bread – its no carb but delicious and would not be the same with any other protein. This Paleo Egg White Protein is what I have found to be best on my baking adventures (which are rare lately).

Swerve! No baking would be complete without a bit of sweetness to indulge in! Swerve is a zero calorie sweetener that combines erythritol and oligosaccharides (which are prebiotic fibers). It is non insulinogenic and therefore does not effect blood sugar levels. It also measure cup for cup just like table sugar. It even browns and caramelizes like table sugar. I use the confectioners form as its easier to work with when baking or cooking.