It’s more than ‘exercise’ or ‘physical activity’. It’s about moving every cell in your body, move your DNA, move your soul. Walk, squat, jump, crawl, climb, roll over, dance, wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let your movement create the foundations for your long term health and weight loss goals. Movement should be fun, it should make you feel good, it should help you build relationships and confidence in yourself. Don’t just join a gym or a class because you think that’s the only way or your friend is joining and you feel you should too. There are SO many options out there and the one for you is the one that you LOVE to do over and over again.

Because of our time spent sitting, and because of other ways we have immobilized ourselves – casted our bodies with shoes, constrictive clothing, and cultural expectations, our bodies have adapted by becoming stiff and unable to move all of our parts, all of the way. This has created areas in our bodies that are cellularly sedentary even when we are moving. It shouldn’t be like that, we should have evolved to be so much stronger and mobile than we actually are but society has casted us all into couch potatoes and drive through junkies.

honeycomb-41The truth is we need to move to be optimal. Big and small body parts move – from your toes to your head – Movement should be WHOLE body movement not just and hour or two in the gym. Move towards a complete model of health xo


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