Model health

I have always believed that the model of health should not just be about how many burpees you can do or how good you look on the outside or in your skinny jeans. A complete model of health should make you feel and be amazing on every level  – “A state of physical, mental and social well being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity”. Every cell should benefit and optimize to give you the ability to be your best every day from now to far into the future.


We know there is no quick fix, we know fad diets don’t work but we do know that we all want to be and feel our best. No body like the feeling of trying one gym or boot camp or on line program and ‘failing’ or not getting the results that were promised. Do you know what that does……that makes you want to give up and not try again. Which is silly. The body is a very complicated and amazing machine, it deserves the attention that we give everything we are trying to perfect in life. When you were learning to drive a car, you didn’t give up – you read the drivers manual, educate yourself  and practiced until you were perfect. The same when trying to master that liquid eyeliner effect you saw your favorite super model wear – you watched how she did it and practiced until you looked like Kate Moss. So why would anyone think that creating perfect homeostasis or health in the body would be as simple a meal plan or taking the advice off a well meaning gym goer.


Well I’m hear to tell you it’s not. Your body is amazing and so are you! So it’s time to take your education on health to another level. And that is what I teach – total human health optimization or YOUR COMPLETE MODEL HEALTH xo