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We all could use a little help as we evolve and improve. And we definitely want to be using the highest quality products and ingredients from companies of integrity. And because the health and food industry is a money game and can be corrupt, companies may try to sell you something that they deem is ‘healthy’ when in fact its definitely NOT!……..

So roll in this page — myself, my team and over 100 of my clients use the below products or have at ‘least’ vetted them. So that you can get the best quality product to optimize and support your long term health and weight goals. * You will see we also order a lot from Amazon because it can offer the best prices, its fast, easy and as much as we ALWAYS try to support local, some of the products we want are just not available locally (believe me, we have looked!).

No matter what level you’re at, having the right tools in your armory can make your a BIG difference and make your journey sooo much easier. Actually, to be healthy in our world today, some of these things are essential……thankfully more and more people are becoming aware of their benefits too.

Most of these I use daily — to keep my body, brain, and energy houses functioning at optimum levels. I felt it would be helpful for you to have a place that you could refer to — because most of my followers have ask daily, what I use or recommend. So below are product I deem to be the best of the best.

As always thank you for trusting me, my ideas and my passion for biohacking and health!…….. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to invest hundreds of hours into research and studying to find the best advice for your health, my families and my own! Better health IS becoming easier and more readily available through the combination of biohacking, science, nature and ancestral wisdom. [click on the pictures to get brought to product purchases].


Psst if there was one product that you simply MUST try, its the ‘mushroom coffee’ by Four Sigmatic xo


Liquid greens allow us to stay on top of our nutrition and super food game, even when we don’t have time to stop and eat a salad or plate full of veggies, a Nu-Greens liquid shot allows you to get enough dense nutrition to help prevent any deficiencies. As your hormones balance and you feel less hungry – you still want to make sure your getting that dense nutrition, just a shot of this is all you need a day.

Spirulina is one of my favorite supplements to add into my day. It is packed full of nutrition and is the highest protein content per weight of all foods at 70% per gram. It is a complete protein with all essential amino acids and is easily assimilated by the body. It was consumed by The Aztecs for its super food qualities and in my opinion – The Aztecs were pretty smart!

Did you know that as women we lose a LOT more collagen than men do, due to having a monthly cycle! This is why we can age or get wrinkles faster. One way to slow down this cycle and keep our collagen reveres high is with a good collagen supplement taken daily. Collagen also keeps our ligaments strong and is a great protein source for lean muscles. Complete with all essential amino acids and easily available peptides, the Organika brand is one of my favorites. They also offer a marine and plant based collagen for those who don’t like to eat meats.

Vitex or Chasteberry is something I use regularly and recommend to a lot of my clients. Especially those that suffer with heavy, painful and or irregular periods. Vitex can be very effective at regulating the menstrual cycle and aiding the body in the detoxification on bad estrogen (the stuff that contributes to cancer and other illnesses). Vitex I recommend in pill form, taken daily and then in tea form (Chasteberry) to push things along more in the direction we want. Not an easy product to find locally so I usually go straight to Amazon for these.

Berberine! Oh man what can I saw about this little gem except, if the was ever a “magic pill”…berberine would be it! Touted as “exercise in a pill”, berberine has been shown to be very beneficial against obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, aging and in supporting the gut. It also helps reduce inflammation very effectivly, including in the lungs! AND the best part…studies show that berberine can help convert white fat cells to brown fat cells, making the fat easier to burn off. Whoop! This is the brand I use and recommend to my clients.

Hibiscus tea…..not only is it SUPER yummy, it’s also awesome for lowering cholesterol, supporting the liver and aiding in reversing insulin resistance. The tartness of this beautiful herb shows us that it is high in polyphenols (and modbiotics) which support our gut and microbiome. Always when getting tea we want organic. This is the brand I personally use.

Yerba mate has been shown to be an appetite suppressant, as well as it activates GLP1 or glucagon like peptide 1 — which prevents our body from adapting or going into starvation mode when you are in a calorie deficit… in tea form I have seen it make quiet a difference in cleitns on a fat loss campaign. Praised for having ‘almost’ as much caffeine as coffee, but with the feel-good chemicals of tea, it is high in antioxidants especially polyphenols and contains 24 vitamins and minerals – including magnesium and potassium, and 15 amino acids.

Rosemary is a herb with strong modbiotic properties – if you don’t know what these are then be sure to join my Facebook biohacking group where we discuss modbiotics in more detail and provide you with a modbiotic PDF foods list. Not only that though, rosemary has been used for centuries for cognitive performance, support good health and as a menopause aid in reducing hot flashes. A queen of herbs, I like to add Rosemary to my meals and also drink a Rosemary tea a few times a week when I need to focus and be sharp.

Ah the well renowned Turmeric Cinnamon tea….no good health journey would be complete without a good Turmeric tea. My favorite brand for this is Four O’Clock teas. They are organic and their blends are so tasty. Turmeric is well knows to have a strong anti inflammatory effect in the gut (which is where we want it), up regulates Sirtuin genes and has strong anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. This brand can be got in Community foods if you are in Canada but otherwise Amazon. I also like Celestial Organics ‘Turmeric Ginger’ tea too which can be got in Walmart.

Maqui berry, not many people know about this amazing fruit but I love it for up leveling antioxidants. Maqui berry is thought to help with blood glucose management, aid in reducing inflammation and even helps with dry eyes! Who would have thought?! Its a little tart but the tartness is where the good stuff is! Upgrade your smoothies and yogurts with this super berry….its an awesome source of potassium, iron and calcium too!

Mushroom coffee! I think I am well known for my love of mushroom coffee at this stage and my favorites products are of course from Four Sigmatic. I recommend this stuff so much that our local health stores run out of it WEEKLY! Four Sigmatic use a single estate high grade organic coffee that is mycotoxin free, has half the caffeine of regular coffee and blended with a base of the Chaga mushroom (The king of the mushrooms). Chaga probably has the highest amount antioxidants gram per gram in the world, may help fight cancer and it has been shown to be protective against pathogens that we get exposed to daily. Known as the beauty mushroom, Chaga is high in ‘Melanin’ which acts as an internal sunscreen. I rarely miss a day without my mushroom coffee. My two favorite blends are below — Changa and Cordyceps I use as an epic pre workout and for cardiovascular health. Chaga and Lions mane I like to use to support my central nervous system during times of stress, upset or when I need some extra brain power for work and study.

I’m always looking to uplevel my brain and keep my memory recall sharp. I also have a fear of getting some form of brain damage or memory loss as I age, so each morning and evening I will take 60 mg of Ginkgo Biloba. Dr Daniel Amen, one of the worlds top experts on the brain say’s – “some of the most beautiful brains I see are from people that supplement with Ginkgo Biloba daily”. This  supplement is pretty easy to get your hands on, I like to use the the ‘herbal factors’ by Natural Factors brand which is usually available in most health food stores or here ->


I  also do like Bulletproof products as aids to my health. The coffee beans are clean, have a smooth flavor and are a good alternative when I am cycling my mushroom coffee. I also think its smart to have a good MCT oil in your armory too, as long as you know how to use it properly!…..I use and recommend Bulletproof Brain Octain oil — its super clean and is a readily available fuel source for the body. I teach my clients how to use this MCT oil to stimulate PPAR receptors and upregulate fat burning. Both can usually be got in health food stores and of course Amazon lol.

SILVER! No holistic medicine cabinet would be complete without some good Colloidal silver! Its been used for centuries — bugs and viruses have no resistance to it like they do to many antibiotics. Silver has been shown to be effective for sore throats, pink eye, canker sores, herpes virus, cuts, arthritis and for improving the immune system overall. I prefer to use the below spray over a dropper or nasal spray, but they will be effective too.

And no low carb recipe would be complete without a bit of sweetness to indulge in! Swerve is a zero calorie sweetener that combines erythritol and oligosaccharides (which are prebiotic fibers that keep you gut bugs happy). It measures cup for cup just like table sugar. It even browns and caramelizes like table sugar. Not everyone likes the taste of Swerve but for me it works perfect. I like to use the confectioners form as its easier to work with when baking or cooking…..its one way for saving calories in your cooking.

Stay on top of your supplements with a pill box! I love this little pill box because as a biohacker or person seeking optimal health,  I take many different supplements throughout the day to help support my journey and I needed something to help keep track of them all, especially when travelling. I chose this one as it not only separated the days but also times of the day too. Of course as soon as I showed people my new tool, everyone wanted one! So you can get yours here with free shipping – a colorful little tool that you can use for life.



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